Ingersoll Tillage Group Services

Ingersoll Tillage Group agricultural and landscaping disc blades and related products are available in a full range of styles (such as concave, coulter, flat, etc.), with various concavities, thicknesses and sizes up to 42" in diameter. They are delivered to manufacturers, distributors and dealers via a network that spans North America. All Ingersoll Series blades are manufactured with state-of-the-art processes and subject to the industry's tightest quality assurance programs.

DuraFacing: Dura-Facing™ Our patented and proprietary sinter hard-facing process dramatically improves the wear-resistance of blades by increasing the durability of the steel itself, specifically where it contacts the soil. For over a generation, farmers have tested and proven that Ingersoll Dura-Faced discs are tougher, last longer, and provide superior value. Dura-Facing is available on both N and F Series blades and is recommended for use in any application or area where abrasive soil conditions exist.

OEM, Representative and Distributor Services

OEM - Representative and Distributor Services

With our greatly enhanced network and organizational structure, Ingersoll Tillage Group is now able to offer improved customer services and supply chain initiatives such as:

  • Inventory planning programs
  • Dealer direct programs
  • Engineering support on both current products and new product development
  • Unparalleled disc blade knowledge and sales data

The goal of these comprehensive services is to help our entire distribution channel more effectively, and efficiently satisfy the needs of all their customers.