Innovation Since 1884


There Is No Other Steel Like It

Ingersoll Steel is created with virgin iron ore taconite from North America. This amazingly unique steel is processed with Ingersoll’s own proprietary formula to give it the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for long lasting top performance in the field.

Ingersoll’s exclusive steel produces industry-leading quality, reliability and performance. It supports the world’s tillage equipment with the highest grade components. Choose Ingersoll for all your high speed, high yield farming solutions.


From Early Innovation

In 1884, Steven Ingersoll took over a small coulter disc manufacturing company in Sandoval, Illinois. The discs produced there were the state of the art, back then, but everything was about to change. Steven Ingersoll, together with his son Roy, successfully began experimenting with new heat treating processes and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Today, Ingersoll Tillage Group is known throughout the industry as the recognized leader for quality, durability and design of products that fulfill the needs of today’s producers. The company’s product line has become the top choice of major brand OEMs.