Environmental Statement

Agrisolutions Hamilton is committed to the concept of sustainable development.

Our management team will demonstrate sound operational and management practices to ensure our facility complies with all applicable legislation for the protection of the environment, employees, and the public.  We will regularly update our Board of Directors and report annually to shareholders, regulators and the public on our company’s environmental responsibilities and programs.

We will apply cost effective practices to minimize risk and advance our environmental protection.  We will also continue to assess available technology that will help us improve our environmental impacts.  New, better, cost-effective solutions to environmental obstacles are welcomed and encouraged.

Our workplace activities must consider the environmental implications.  All managers and supervisors are responsible to ensure that environmentally sound practices and procedures are maintained in his or her assigned areas.

Our employees also have a responsibility to protect the environment by working in compliance with applicable environmental regulations and by following Agrisolutions’ environmental policy and procedures.  Each employee is encouraged to report any environmental concern or incident to their immediate supervisor who shall address the concern as soon as possible. This requirement extends to all our contractors working on our site.

Together we will continue to demonstrate our commitment for the protection of our environment, our employees, and the public.